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3 wavelength and passive cooled lasers all in one system


Diode Surgical Laser

About Diode Surgical Laser

Treatment Principle of the Device

808nm wavelength is of high absorbency in hemoglobin, therefore making it appropriate for incision and coagulation of soft tissues.

Laser beam with 650nm wavelength, an additional function, (As an additional funcion, Laser beam~) deeply permeates the skin and activates functions of capillaries so it is effectively used in pain relief.

Laser beam with 450nm wavelength sterilizes acne germs etc. by inducing diffusion of endogenous (occurring naturally in the inside of skin) Porphyrin.

"We are passionate about leading the way by continually enhancing our technology to develop risk free and sustainable lasers of the future to improve and change the lives of many."

Emma Soos - Founder

Managing Director, The Womens Health Clinic


Diode Surgical Laser

808nm Wavlength


Laser beam with 650 and 405nm

Deep penetration

Pain relief

It includes:

  1. Friendly user interface in touch LCD colour screen graphic menu with each parameter
  2. Fiber detecting sensor
  3. Over currennt protection system
  4. Isolated two wavelengths laser selection
  5. Laser output timer function
  6. CW/pulse mode selection
  7. Adjustable pulse width
  8. Disposal tip and therapy hand selection
Various optional hand pieces:

  • 808nm surgical hand-piece
  • 808nm surgical hand-piece tip
  • 808nm therapy hand-piece
  • 650nm and 405nm therapy hand-piece


Three uses


Help implant hardening
Cut tissue
Kill bacteria
Reduce pain
Recover cells
Reduce hypersensitivity


Hair removal
Wound healing after fractional laser treatment (808nm, 650nm)
Acne (650nm, 405nm)
Pain (808nm)


Vein Occlusion
Treatment for prostatitis

Why Choose?

Various Functions

Three laser systems all in one device. The three varying wavelengths (808nm, 650nm and 405nm) can treat various conditions listed above.



Power Input and Frequency 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 80W
Medium Diode Laser
Wavelength 405㎚, 650㎚, 808㎚
Output modes Continue(CW), Pulse
Pulse Width 1-900ms
Frequency 1-500Hz, Continue(CW)
Output Energy a) 405㎚ : 10-120mW
  b) 650㎚ : 10-100mW
  c) 808㎚ : 0.1-15.0W
Timer 1-300sec, ∞
Aiming Beam a) Medium : Laser Diode(LD)
  b) Wavelength : 650nm
  c) Strength : Less than 5㎽
Dimension 240(W)×280(D)×115(H) mm
Weight 3.4㎏

Silvery Blue

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Silvery Blue aims to reshape the healthcare and aesthetic industry with innovative ideas & technologies while preserving the essence of natural health and well being of human being. Our strategy is to empower medical and aesthetic professionals around the globe with a holistic approach to treatment and care. We provide a complete one stop solution from training, treatment, equipment supply, product delivery to quality control and compliance; all under one umbrella - "Silvery Blue”.


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